Online for 20 years!
Hello and welcome to my little quadrant of the Galaxy! My name is Robert Horker. My last name is actually spelled with an "o" with two dots on top - a letter not present in the English alphabet. It's pronounced like "u" in "urgent".  
I was born in 1964 in the northern part of Sweden and grew up in Pitea, at the northern east coast. When I turned 37 I moved to Gothenburg on the so called "front side" of Sweden to broaden my horizons and see more of the world than you can do in a small town up north. I work as a receptionist in a centrally situated hotel.   

I came in contact with Star Trek in the end of the 1980's, when The Next Generation became available on rental VHS (yes - videotape incased in a cassette!). Soon I would buy tapes through mail order from Great Britain.  
In 1991 I purchased a satellite dish system, pointing to the Astra satellite (19,2 ° East). They transmitted Sky Channel, at the time BSkyB's only channel, broadcasting The Next Generation unscrambled. The dish was enormous, 1.8 meters (about 6 ft) in diameter, necessary because of where Pitea is situated up north in Sweden, outside the main satellite footprint at the time. In the winters I had to brush off the snow from the dish with a broom so I could get at good picture!